Water Treatment

Water Treatment

ATHeating has Water Treatment Solutions and Maintenance Programs that can provide high quality services to companies, councils, public institutions and property owners in London, and the surrounding home counties.

Our consultants will provide high quality solutions to protect your heating investment from damage created by corrosion and scale in hard water regions. Over time scale accumulation, ‘sludge’ and ”system debris” formed from system corrosion can reduce system efficiency and therefore increase both your fuel bills, CO2 emissions and also damage the internal appliances to your heating system, such as boilers, pumps and valves.

Our consultants are also qualified Legionella Risk Assessors and provide complete Legionella control services according to HSE L8 ACoP and BS6700.

Water Treatment Equipment

We can supply a full range of water treatment equipment including:

    • Filters (sediment, carbon, sand, multi-media, pH correction, iron & manganese removal)
    • Softeners (simplex, duplex, triplex)
    • Reverse Osmosis (single & twin pass)
    • Deionisers
    • Dealk and Degas
    • UV Disinfection (low and medium pressure)
    • Chemical Dosing (pH control, disinfection, inhibition, boiler feed)
    • Tanks (sectional and one-piece)
    • Pumps (sump, borehole and centrifugal)
    • Controls (level switches through to full PLCs)


Contact us should you wish to talk to us about the services we can offer you.