13th January 2018
13th January 2018
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Our services include boiler room and system refurbishments.

How can we help you in your chosen route of refurbishment?.

We can replace the whole system and boilers for you or retrofit a new boiler onto an old system.

Replacing the whole system is very often cost prohibitive and, if the rest of the building is not being refurbished, you can create all sorts of problems with closures due to structural work or removal and replacement of pipe work, pumps, valves, controls. The expense of replacing the whole system is not only due to the capital outlay of the new equipment and its installation, but the associated closure of the facilities not always a problem if you have the school summer break to carry out the work, but not easy for a building that is running all year round.

Adding a new boiler onto an old system is not without risks. It is not that the old system will breakdown and cause problems because you have added on a new high performance boiler rather the opposite. You are much more likely to cause damage to the new boiler because of the deposits built up over time, circling around from inside the old system.

There is a strong possibility that an older system will not have benefited from water treatment and therefore would have seen progressive corrosion and scaling.

If there are still deposits in the system after you have flushed and then refilled the system it is possible that the left over deposits are free to flow into the new equipment such as your heat exchanger, pumps and valves, causing other problems. Sorts of damage you may come across could be blocked waterways, overheating of metal parts, nuisance operation of high limit thermostats and kettling-rumbling noises to name but a few. All these effects will no doubt contribute to the efficiency of the boiler output.

If you are a bit apprehensive about going along this route, we can separate the old system from the new boiler plant and the best way of doing this is to use a plate type heat exchanger. This acts as a barrier between the old and the new and allows you to create a brand new mini-environment. Please  contact us  for more information on this process.

ATHeating are specialists at boiler room refurbishments and have done hundreds of refits, refurbishments and  installations over the years, so your in good hands knowing that we can help you achieve your objectives with the minimum of disruption to your day to day activities,  our preventative procedures will also help minimize possible damage to your existing system.

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